OptoWire: Exclusive distribution agreement signed for Germany

Bisping Medical signs exclusive distribution agreement for the new OptoWire optical FFR pressure quidewire for Germany

Canada based Opsens Inc. pioneering optical fibre sensing technologies developed a unique FFR pressure guidewire (Fractional Flow Reserve guidewire). OptoWire already had a very succefull market release in Japan, Europe, Canada and the US. The OptoWire combines the most innovative and reliable fiber optic sensing technology with advanced guidewire materials construction so that you can accomplish more in less procedure time and with lower overall cost.

29. March 2016|

83rd German Cardiac Society Annual Meeting in Mannheim

We look forward to seeing you at our booth #406, floor 4 (crossing from Dorint hotel) at German Cardiac Societies Annual Meeting in Mannheim, Germany, from April 19th – 22nd, 2017. Besides EP and CRM related products, this year we will focus on our new “Interventional Cardiology” product lines. We’ll show the innovative, fast and easy to use OptoMonitor FFR system together with the best-in-class optical OptoWire Deux FFR pressure quidewire. For faster and more successfull coronary interventions we’ll present you the NHancer Rx dual lumen microcatheter and the Guidion guide extension.

27. February 2017|

New website online

We are happy to present our new website! We will continuously add new content to keep you up to date.

26. February 2015|

81st Annual Meeting of the DGK in Mannheim

From April 8th to 11th, 2015 we will be exhibiting again at the Annual Meeting of the German Cardiac Society in Mannheim, Germany. We look forward to meeting you at our booth no. 406, floor 4 (crossing from Dorint hotel). Among others we will present our new CATHPAX Interventional Radiation Protection Cabin for Interventional Cardiology and our new CIRCA Esophageal Temperature Monitorin System to be used when performing left atrial ablation procedures.

5. January 2015|

Successfull 80th Annual Meeting of the DGK in Mannheim

We thank you for your numerous visits at our booth and your great interest in our new products. We work hard to take care of all your inquiries and suggestions as fast as possible.

28. April 2014|

Successful 82nd German Cardiac Society Conference

We thank you for visiting our booth at the Dorint hotel level and for your great interest in our products. We especially featured our new products:

  • the OptoWire optical FFR pressure guidewire
  • and the nuubo longterm ECG wearable
12. April 2016|
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