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Project Description


Radation protection cabin for electrophysiology

EP physicians are facing a high radiation dose due to the growing number and duration of electrophysiological studies and ablations. Additionally wearing heavy lead aprons frequently and day long can cause orthopedic problems.

Work save, relaxed and fast

The CATHPAX® Radiation Protection Cabin provides the save and comfortable solution.

  • Complete radiation protection
  • No lead apron necessary
  • No change of working practices
  • Same procedural duration

Optimized for EP

  • Developed by an EP physician
  • Comfort and mobility, perfectly suitable for complexe procedures
  • Instant usability, covered quick and easy by specially designed sterile drape
  • Clinically evaluated for different EP procedures
  • Several hundred installations world-wide


  • 2 mm lead equivalent protection
  • Variable working height
  • Customized versions available
  • Special version for performing EP procedures seated

We use the cabin for almost all procedures, from placing the introducer until finalizing the EP study or ablation procedure.
Chief Physician Prof. Dr. Thomas Arentz, University Heart Centre Freiburg – Bad Krozingen, Rhythmology

The mobility and free moving space allows using it for even the most complex procedures. For us it is the perfect solution for optimum radiation protection.

Chief Physician Prof. Dr. Thomas Arentz, University Heart Centre Freiburg – Bad Krozingen, Rhythmology
…with use of the Cathpax®, catheter ablation can be performed comfortably with insignificant exposure rendering lead apparel superfluous…
Prof. Michel Haissaguerre, Haut-Lévêque Hospital, Bordeaux, France

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ProductOrder no.
CATHPAX® EP radiation protection cabin03 1000 00
CATHPAX® EP Chair radiation protection cabin for working seated03 1020 00
CATHKIT® EP sterile drape set for CATHPAX® EP and EP Chair03 1001 00

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