CIRCA Esophageal Temperature Monitor

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Project Description

Esophageal Temperature Monitoring

CIRCA Temperature Monitor and Temperature Probe hot/cold

The CIRCA Temperature Monitoring System ™ and the CIRCA S-CATH™ Esophageal Temperature Probe provide the optimal solution for an easy and save esophageal temperature monitoring covering the complete relevant length of the esophagus. The probe and its 12 temperature sensors are being perfectly fixed in position within the esophagus due to its special S-curve. Additionally the fluoroscopic image of the probe marks the exact position and dimensions of the esophagus. Due to its fast and precise measurement of hot and cold temperatures CIRCA is the perfect temperature monitoring system for all RF- and laser-ablations as well as for cryo-abla­tio­ns. For your and your patients safety there are visual and acoustic warning and alarm signals when reaching temperatures higher or lower than your settings. You permanently see the actual temperature, the maximum and minimum temperatures you reached so far and a temperature graph of the complete procedure. There is an option for remote monitoring and control (e.g. from the control room) and to record and export all temperature data into Excel for storage and/or further analysis.

Esophageal Temperature Monitor

  • Temperature monitoring from -20 °C to +65 °C
  • Warning and alarm signals for temperature being too high or too low (hot/cold)
  • Continuous temperature monitoring
  • Temperature graph, actual temperature of all sensors, minimum and maximum temperatures
  • Simple user interface (touch-screen), simple setup
  • Optional remote monitoring and control, data recording and export (Excel)

Esophageal Temperature Probe

  • Complete coverage of the left atrium at once by 12 temperature sensors
  • Stationary placement, no need to move the probe during procedures due to S-curve
  • Fluoroscopic landmark of the complete esophagus
  • Simple nasal or oral placement with stylet


Ordering Information

CIRCA Esophageal Temperature Monitor hot/cold

ProductDescriptionLengthOrder no.
CS-1000CIRCA Esophageal Temperature Monitor (incl. fixation device)-40 1010 00
CS-101CIRCA S-CATH Interconnect Cable4,6 m40 1020 05

CIRCA Esophageal Temperature Probe hot/cold

ProductDescriptionLengthO.D.Order no.
CS-2006CIRCA S-CATH Esophageal Temperature Probe58 cm10 F40 1110 05

Accessories/Extensions (optional)

ProductDescriptionOrder no.
CS-2035CIRCA Data Transfer Drive (USB)40 1024 00
CS-1XLSData Visualization Software for CIRCA40 1026 00
CS-1VGACIRCA Remote Monitoring Option VGA40 1010 20
CS-1DVICIRCA Remote Monitoring Option DVI40 1010 30
CS-1029CIRCA Temperature Standard (for Recalibration)40 1030 00

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Additional technical details:

CIRCA Esophageal Temperature Monitor
Measurement range -20 °C bis +65 °C | Measurement precision ± 0,3 °C within core range of 25 °C to 45 °C and ± 0,4 °C within extended range of 0 °C to 24,9 °C | Delivery incl. fixation

CIRCA S-CATH Esophageal Temperature Probe
Incl. straightening stylet | Outer diameter 10 F | Length (when straightened) 58 cm | Length (S-curve) 53 cm

Manufacturer: Circa Scientific Inc., USA