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Project Description

SafeSheath® CSG®

Coronary Sinus Guide – Peel-away introducer for coronary sinus access

The peel-away introducers SafeSheath® CSG® from Pressure Products are optimized for a fast, easy and save access to the coronary sinus for precise LV lead placement. Different curves allow for a perfect match to the patients anatomy. The break- and peel-away hemostatic valve safely prevents blood loss and air embolism. The radio opaque-tipped sheath and guiding catheter ensure optimal fluoroscopic visibility.


  • Peel-away introducer with break-away hemostatic valve
  • Sheath and dilator/guiding catheter available in different curves
  • Radio opaque tip
  • Same handling as for standard peel-away introducers

Areas of application


with its 90° curve it is perfectly suited for easy cannulation of the coronary sinus for most standard anatomies.


provides a better support to avoid lead dislodgement when peeling the sheath. These introducers have been specially developed for cardial resychronisation therapy.

All CSG introducers can be used as a delivery plattform for the telescopic, sub-selective WORLEY LVI introducers for optimal lead placement in the lateral veins.

Order Informationen

SafeSheath® CSG® Extruded Core – incl. guiding dilator

ProductLength introducerSize (ID)Curve introducerCurve guiding catheterOrder no.
CSG/MSP-00-0945 cm9.0 FStraight90°on request
CSG-90-0945 cm9.0 F90°90°06 1035 00
CSG/WORLEY-1-0940 cm9.0 FWorley-StandardWorley-Standard06 1037 00
CSG/WORLEY/L-1-0950 cm9.0 FWorley-StandardWorley-Standard06 1037 01
CSG/WORLEY-2-0950 cm9.0 FWorley-JumboWorley-Jumbo06 1038 00

csg details_971x211

SafeSheath® CSG® Braided Core – incl. guiding catheter

ProductLength introducerSize (ID)Curve introducerCurve guiding dilatorOrder no.
CSG/WORLEY/BCor-1-0940 cm9.0 FWorley-StandardWorley-Standard06 1038 03
CSG/WORLEY/L/BCor-1-0950 cm9.0 FWorley-StandardWorley-Standard06 1038 05
CSG/WORLEY/BCor-2-0950 cm9.0 FWorley-JumboWorley-Jumbo06 1038 02

csg bcor details_971x211

Order your SafeSheath® CSG

by phone, fax or e-mail:

Phone: 0241-173518|Fax: 0241-175627|E-mail:

Each kit includes

Peel-away introducer with break-away hemostatic valve and side port | straight vessel dilator | PTFE coated guide wire with 45° tip; 0,035“ x 135 cm | transvalvular insertion tool (TVI) 7.0 F | needle 18 G x 70 mm | syringe 12 cc | CSG-90-09 only: curved guiding dilator 90°; 63,9 cm long | CSG/WORLEY-x-09 only: Worley curved guiding dilator | CSG/WORLEY/BCor-x-09 only: Worley curved guiding catheter 7.0 F I.D.)