SafeSheath II

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Project Description

SafeSheath® II

Peel-away introducer with break-away hemostatic valve

SafeSheath® II – the optimized new industry standard, combines introducer with a hemostatic valve to prevent back-bleeding and air embolization. Designed primarily for left-sided venous access, the 13 cm SafeSheath is pre-scored, ensuring a clean, even peel each time, greatly simplifying sheath removal after lead or catheter placement. The leak-free valve and snap-fit dilator hub make SafeSheath the leader when it comes to all your implantation needs. The quality you expect from SafeSheath optimized in details for an even better performance!

Properties and advantages

  • Very stiff introducer sheath, perfectly suitable for providing support through tortuous veins
  • Very low lead insertion force
  • Hemostasis valve to reduce blood loss and risk of air embolism
  • Sideport with 3-way stop cock
  • Snap-on dilator fixation

New properties

  • Additional extruded score line for an even better pealing performance
  • Ergonomic, easy-splitting break-away hub with larger handles
  • French size printed on handle and indicated by color-coded introducer cap

SafeSheath® II Long

When a longer introducer is required there’s the 25cm SafeSheath Long, providing sheath access beyond the right subclavian-SVC junction, from both the left cephalic and subclavian veins. The longer introducer helps when upgrading existing systems by the addition of new leads and for atypical venous access sites, axillary or femoral. It also acts as a ‘supporting’ introducer for the introduction of defibrillator leads.

Order Information

SafeSheath® II

ProductSize (ID)Length introducerLength dilatorOrder no.
SS66.0 F13 cm19,5 cm06 1021 00
SS77.0 F13 cm19,5 cm06 1022 00
SS88.0 F13 cm19,5 cm06 1023 00
SS858.5 F13 cm19,5 cm06 1024 10
SS99.0 F13 cm19,5 cm06 1025 00
SS959.5 F13 cm19,5 cm06 1026 00
SS1010.0 F13 cm19, 5cm06 1027 00
SS10510.5 F13 cm19,5 cm06 1027 10
SS1111.0 F13 cm19,5 cm06 1028 10
SS1212.0 F13 cm19,5 cm06 1029 00
SS12512.5 F13 cm19,5 cm06 1030 00

SafeSheath® II Long

ProductSize (ID)Length introducerLength dilatorOrder no.
SSL66.0 F23 cm29,5 cm06 1021 50
SSL77.0 F23 cm29,5 cm06 1022 50
SSL88.0 F23 cm29,5 cm06 1023 50
SSL99.0 F23 cm29,5 cm06 1025 50
SSL1010.0 F23 cm29,5 cm06 1027 50
SSL10510.5 F23 cm29,5 cm06 1027 60
SSL1111.0 F23 cm29,5 cm06 1028 50

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Each kit includes

Peel-away introducer sheath with break-away hemostatic valve and sideport | dilator | needle 18 G x 70 mm | syringe 10 cc | flexible guidewire with straight and J-tip 0.038“ x 50 cm or 60 cm