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Project Description

SafeSheath® Worley LVI

Introducer for lateral vein access

The solution for a fast and optimal LV electrode placement when implanting CRM devices. Different curves and the very special target vein selector allow for a sub-selective access to the lateral target vein. The telescopic introducer with break-away hemostatic valve provides safe slicing capabilities with virtually no risk of lead dislodgement.


  • Special curves for reliable sub-selective access to any lateral target vein
  • Target vein selector for easy and fast target vein identification and guide wire placement
  • Braided shaft for optimal torque and kink resistance
  • Radio opaque tip marker for fluoroscopic visibility
  • Break-away hemostatic valve with integrated handle for safe and reliable sheath slicing without lead dislodgement
  • Special, easy-to-use cutter
  • Side port for infusions and contrast injection

The perfect match: SafeSheath® CSG® and Worley LVI

In the sample configuration shown below the target vein selector (5.0 F OD) is being advanced thrugh a SafeSheath® Worley LVI-Renal (7.0 F ID) and a SafeSheath® CSG® Worley introducer (9.0 F ID).

Left ventricular electrode placement (sample)


Order Information

SafeSheath® Worley LVI

ProductSize (ID)CurveLengthSuitable for target veinsOrder no.
LVI 75-5-66-5.5-RE5.5 FRenal66 cmallon request
LVI 75-5-62-07-RE7.0 FRenal62 cmall06 1037 05
LVI 75-5-62-07-HS7.0 FHokey Stick62 cmtortuous06 1037 07
LVI 75-5-62-07-HO7.0 FHook62 cmposterior06 1037 06
LVI 75-5-62-07-MP7.0 FMulti-Purpose62 cmproximal posterolateral06 1037 08


Order your SafeSheath® Worley LVI

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Each kit includes

Sliceable introducer with break-away hemostatic valve and side port | target vein selector 77 cm long | cutter | transvalvular insertion tool (TVI) 7.0 F