TEKAS Electrode Test Cables

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Project Description


Test cable for pacemaker electrodes

During device implantation TEKAS connects your pacemaker electrode to your pacing system analyzer (PSA). Our TEKAS patient cable is 100 % quality tested. The sterile disposable is always ready to be used – quick, easy and save. TEKAS connects to uni- and bipolar pacemaker IS-1 or 1,5 mm connection pin electrodes. TEKAS is being used together with an unsterile multi use PSA specific adapter cable which is available for all common PSA systems on the market. Through its intuitive product design and our 100 % quality assured production TEKAS is the easiest and savest solution – especially for critical situations. And TEKAS saves effort and costs in your clinical everyday life.

Properties and advantages

  • Save application
  • 100 % tested
  • Intuitive handling
  • One standard patient cable for all your different PSA systems

Less effort, less costs

  • Simple, sterile stock article
  • Very light weight and small
  • Ready for use – everywhere and always
  • No reprocessing and resterilization effort

Order Informationen

TEKAS (classic)

ProductPacemaker-typeLengthPU*Order no.
TEKAS 300/120Single chamber120 cm25 pieces50 6000 00
TEKAS 300/250Single chamber250 cm25 pieces50 6000 30
TEKAS 600/120Single/dual chamber120 cm25 pieces50 6001 00
TEKAS 600/250Single/dual chamber250 cm20 pieces50 6001 04

*PU = Packing unit

TEKAS B (four alligator clips)

ProductPacemaker-typeLengthPU*Order no.
TEKAS B 600/120Single/dual chamber120 cm25 pieces50 6003 00
TEKAS B 600/250Single/dual chamber250 cm20 pieces50 6003 10

*PU = Packing unit

PSA adapter cable

ProductSuitable for Pacing System Analyzer (PSA)LengthOrder no.
Adapter Cable BIOBIOTRONIK ERA 300/3000, GUIDANT PSA 31052.5 m50 6011 20
Adapter Cable MEDMEDTRONIC Analyser PSA 2290 / PSA 80902.5 m50 6015 20
Adapter Cable SEASEAMED 3000/31002.5 m50 6018 20

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